Artist Statement

    As an artist, I believe that art is for everyone.  At the same time, I think there is a distance between art and daily life.  Many tend to assume that art should only exist in galleries and museums.  Although I agree that certain art forms are better viewed within particular environment, it is not a golden rule for all arts to be seen in established monuments.

    Personally, art had been my companion.  When I make art, I can focus on the art itself, and not be disturbed by daily chores.  As an artist, I care about my society.  By making art and displaying it, I am able to propose my viewpoints on certain matters.  Through my work, the hopes is to stimulate conversations between viewers of different interpretations.    

    I have always experimented with materials and textures.  I want people to have the urge to touch my art.  As a person touches the artwork, they are literally connected to the arts.  When the viewers become interested in the materials used, the textures created or the technique performed, they start to think deeper into the technical choices made.  Through this, there can be discussion on the concepts and execution.   This is also why I paint abstractly.  If a realistic image is presented, people tend to jump to conclusion, according to their past experience with this realistic imagery.  If the visual is hard to identify, it would require a longer thinking process, both for the artist and the viewer.

    My art are constant experimentations of methods, materials and concepts.  I start with a single topic or concept, and work my way through the different elements that are available to me.  There are always uncertainty as to what will become of the piece, but it is this process of discovery that fascinates me.  Not all experiments come out satisfying, but the art-making provides me with a positive energy.  It is a sense of hope, which echoes into my daily life and becomes the stamina that drives me through the obstacles of life.  

My pet Bear
Being aware
Being inspired
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